Inclusive Playground at Lake Reba

Inclusiveness is one of the guiding principles for the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department, an ideal we take deep pride in. And as part of that, we work to provide facilities that are open and accessible to all people, regardless of physical disabilities. Our new Universal Playground, which opened in Summer 2020, is a complete makeover from the previous playground that sat on the same site. This new area now includes play structures that allow children of all abilities to play together and at the same time. It is our goal that the Inclusive Playground is able to create a welcoming and open environment to a level that we previously did not have, creating connections between people who before may have not had the chance to interact and become friends. Please see the images below to learn more about the playground, the features, the rules, and helpful ways to communicate!

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Benefits of an Inclusive Playground
Lake Reba Playground Communication Board
Lake Reba Inclusive Playground - Sensory, Physical, Cognitibe, and Social
Swing Instructions
Wheelchair Swing Instructions 2