Shelter Reservations

Reserve a Shelter

To reserve a shelter, please call our office at (859) 623 - 8753 to check our shelter availability.

We only reserve shelters up to 364 days prior.

Filling out a Form

After you have spoken with our office about shelter availability, you will need to fill out and submit a form! You can do this in our office, located at 345 Lancaster Ave, or online! You will receive the online shelter form from

Once we receive your completed form, we will accept payment either in our office or over the phone. You can also mail in a check, payable to the Richmond Parks & Recreation Department. We accept exact cash amounts, credit/debit cards and checks.

Please note: we will only hold the reservation for up to 10 days prior to the reservation date without payment.

Questions? Call (859) 623 - 8753 or email


  • Lake Reba Shelter A | $50.00 + tax
  • Lake Reba Shelter B | $50.00 + tax 
  • Lake Reba Shelter C | $75.00 + tax
  • Camp Catalpa Large Shelter | $75.00 + tax 
  • Camp Catalpa Small Shelter | $25.00 + tax
  • Irvine McDowell Large Shelter | $50.00 + tax 
  • Irvine McDowell Gazebo | $25.00 + tax 
  • Million Large Shelter | $50.00 + tax 
  • Million Small Shelter | $25.00 + tax 
  • Dillingham Shelter | $25.00 + tax 

School Field Trips

If your school is planning a field trip to a park, please call to check the availability of the shelters. In the spring there are increased field trips planned at various parks and we cannot guarantee shelter usage unless you reserve the shelter through our office. There is no charge for a school field trip. Please note: if your students are over the age of 12, playing on the playgrounds is discouraged as this equipment is safety regulated for children 12 and under.