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The Richmond Parks and Recreation Department hosts multiple Christmas events and activities every year, bringing holiday cheer to everyone in our community. Whether you love the parade, can’t wait to recieve a letter or visit from Santa, or are delighted to shop for smalls crafts and goods we have something for everyone! Click below to see more information about each activity specifically and what it is all about!

This year we will conducting the first ever Richmond’s Most Radiant decoration contest! Houses across the City of Richmond can be nominated to be judged and potentially win for their holiday spirit! The nomination period will run through Thursday, December 10th. The judging period will take place between December 12th and December 15th.

The categories are Mayor’s Choice, Judge’s Choice,  People’s Choice, Richmond’s Most Radiant Neighborhood & Honorable Mentions. Awards will consist of a Framed Certificate & Yard Sign showing their achievement, Christmas Bags with some swag and hoodies.

Click here to Nominate yourself, a neighbor, or a subdivision (https://forms.gle/ioMK9hhjVmNhHtVe7). Winner’s will receive a “Richmond’s Most Radiant” Yard sign for bragging rights and a Christmas goodie bag with a Hoodie donated by Jack Burford Chevrolet.

The judging criterion is listed below:







Décor Quantity/Space Utilization

Well completed; there appears to be no gaps or spaces in decorated area

Well completed but there are some noticeable gaps in decorations in decorated area.

Adequate completion. Easily recognizable that decorated area is only partially utilized

Sparse décor or space utilization. Only a handful of items

No discernible attempt was made. No more than 1-2 decorations/lights were used.

Holiday Theme

Has fully embraced the Christmas/Holiday theme; easy to see

House has good communication of a holiday theme

House appears it could be a good representation of a holiday theme

House has poor representation of holiday theme

House does not communicate a holiday theme


There was an exceptional use of new ideas and flawless execution

Good use of new ideas; above average execution

Average use of new ideas or redesign. Adequate execution

Attempt at a new idea. Poor Execution

There was no new idea


Has Music

Has No Music

Visual Impact

Viewer is left in awe!


House is well done. Only a few items needed to be a 5

Adequate amount of decorations. Some major seems to be lacking

Attempt was made; but not coherent or noticeable

Few if any decorations were placed with those that were standing out.

If you have any questions about the program please email parksandrec@richmond.ky.us or call 859-623-8753.