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The City of Richmond is proud to present the Millstone Festival. This event will celebrate the history of Richmond and all that our community has to offer. The name of this festival takes inspiration from the City’s newest downtown pocket park, Millstone Park. The festival will be on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020.

Richmond’s Historic Downtown District has a long and storied history with the milling industry -we want to honor that heritage and take the opportunity to celebrate!

This event is open to food vendors and general vendors; general vendors will be placed on Main Street. There will be live entertainment in front of the courthouse, as well as different activities held throughout the day, including a homebrew contest, chili cook-off, and more!

Booth information (prices and deadline):

  • Downtown businesses – FREE; deadline is April 30th to choose a location – after April 30th you will be assigned a location
  • All other businesses – $50; deadline is May 30th. All vendors will be notified of acceptance by July 31st.

General information:

  • Applications will be accepted as received and a selection committee will select vendors to be accepted to the event; each completed application will be stamped with the date received
  • Applications must be fully completed in order to be considered; packet will not be considered for inclusion unless application, list of items sold, and payment are attached
  • Vendors that do not get selected will receive a refund check from City Hall
To apply, please follow the below links (click to download application):

Millstone Festival Letter 2020

Millstone Festival Vendor Application 2020

Millstone Festival Food Vendor Letter 2020

Millstone Festival Food Vendor Application 2020

Millstone Fest Band Application 2020

More information will be available at a later date. For questions please contact 859-623-8753 or parksandrec@richmond.ky.us.