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Planning & Zoning

Welcome to the City of Richmond’s Planning and Zoning web site. We hope you will find this site informative on the main aspects of the City of Richmond’s Planning and Zoning process. The links to the right of the screen will direct you to specific fields covered by the Planning and Zoning office. We look forward to working with you in the development and growth of our city.

The City of Richmond Planning and Zoning Department has made some adjustments to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustments meeting schedule, for details please click on the Meeting Tab above! Thank you!

What We are Working On!

The Planning and Zoning Department and the Planning and Zoning Board have been working together to update Section 406 of our Development Ordinance. Section 406 deals with Land Use Management, including the different zones, their definitions, requirements, and what businesses and housing options can be placed in what zones. These land use charts use the NAICS codes that all USA businesses have.

In these charts, a C means that the land use would require a conditional use, a P means that it would be permitted, and a blank space means that it would not be permitted in that zone.

Within these charts, B-1 means Neighborhood Business (think businesses in front of subdivisions), B-2 means Central Business (think downtown), B-3 is Highway Business (think larger commercial), B-4 is large shopping centers, R-1 is single-family homes, R-2 means duplex, and R-3 is multi-family apartments. MP is a mobile home park.

We urge the public to please take a look at the documents below and provide us with any comments or input you have about them! Please send all questions, comments, and other information regarding these documents to tstone@richmond.ky.us

Section 406 Edits

NAICS Definitions

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