239 West Main St; Richmond, KY 40475 | (859) 623-1000

Justice, Education, Industry

Jim Barnes

Born and Raised in Madison County, KY; Graduate of Madison Central High School 1963;  Started Working in the clothes business in 1964;
Served in the Army Reserve 1965-1971; Bought Garland Jett’s Business in Downtown Richmond in 1976 and closed the doors in 1996.
CEO of the 1st Southern National Bank 1996-2000; In 2000 began working at Logan’s of Lexington and continued to work there for 10 years

Boards/ Committee – (*Previously served as:)
Richmond Chamber of Commerce (President)
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Town & Gown Committee
Ethics Committee for the City of Richmond
Madison County Food Bank
Rotary Club
Arlington Club
Bluegrass Area Development District- Aging Council (Chairman)
Kentucky League of Cities- (2nd Vice President)

Boards/ Committee – (*Currently Serves as:)
Kentucky League of Cities President

Elected Offices
2002-2006 City Commissioner, served 2 terms
2010-2018 Richmond City Mayor, currently serving 2nd term

To contact the Mayor, call the office at 859.661.6000 or email jbarnes@richmond.ky.us

Rob Minerich
City Manager

The duties of Richmond’s City Manager are established by ordinance pursuant to KRS 83A.080.  The City Manger is an appointed official with an indefinite term to the city where the duties of the position are set out in KRS 83A.150(7).  The City Manager is the Chief administrator officer and reports directly to the Board of Commissioners.  Responsibilities of the position are carrying out the daily operations of the city, supervise 19 department heads, and an average of 250 employees.  The City Manager and Finance Director prepare, submit and administer the annual budget per KRS 83A.150 (7) (c).

Rob Minerich
Richmond City Hall
239 W. Main Street
Richmond, KY  40475

Lisa Cassity
City Clerk

The duties of Richmond’s City Clerk are established by ordinance pursuant to KRS 83A.085. The Clerk is in charge of maintenance and safekeeping of permanent city records. As “official custodian” or “custodian” pursuant to KRS 61.879-61.884 (Open Records Act) the Clerk is responsible for accepting Open Records Requests and providing requested information as permitted by law. The City Clerk has possession of the seal of the city and attests the Mayor’s signature. Richmond’s City Clerk attends the City Commission meetings and records the minutes. The Clerk is also responsible for the City complying with legal advertising and notification requirements per KRS Chapter 424. And the City Clerk is responsible for the codification of City ordinances.

Other duties of Richmond’s City Clerk include assisting the Mayor with appointments, telephone calls and clerical work as needed. Also the City Clerk is the bridge between executive and legislative, between both of these and component government units, and between all of these and the public they are pledged to serve.

Lisa Cassity
859.623.1000 x1103

Robert Blythe


Morgan Eaves


Jason Morgan


Jim Newby

Commissioner/Mayor Pro-Tem