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The City of Richmond continues to operate under COVID-19 guidelines and the protection of our employees will always remain our first priority.  With the exception of Public Safety, City Departments have been alternating shifts to reduce exposure to the coronavirus.  

The Recycling Department’s curbside pickup was suspended over the holidays due to limited staff availability, but will resume its 2021 schedule beginning Monday, January 11th. 

Effective immediately, The Richmond Recycle Plant will no longer accept clothing.

City of Richmond's Recycling

The most effective way to reduce waste in our community is to not create it in the first place. By reducing and reusing, we as consumers can save natural resources and help keep the cost of waste removal down. The amount of waste that each person creates has increased from 2.7 pounds a day in 1960 to 4.7 pounds a day in 2010.

If you are aware of the need to save resources and to reuse products then you are well on the road to recycling. The following facts about paper waste are alarming.

An average American uses 650 pounds of paper each year.
The US uses 25% of the Worlds paper products.
40% of all waste going to Landfills is paper.
For every ton of paper recycled we save the following natural resources:

17 Trees
275 pounds of Sulfur
350 pounds of Limestone
60,000 Gallons of Water
3.3 Cubic Yards of landfill space

Recycling of paper products is just the beginning. Did you know that it takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to dissolve in the environment, and we as Americans throw away approximately 200 million per year? This is one example of an item that we do not recycle at the center but our local groceries and department stores are helping out with bins for collection.

The Richmond/Madison Recycling Center is located at 550 Recycle Drive in Richmond. We have 3 recycling programs, the free curb side pick-up for residents and businesses, the free cardboard pick up for businesses, and the 24 Hour Drop off program for all Madison County residents. Please visit the center during business hours for a brochure on now to recycle.

We are eager to help our community and our environment by recycling and understand that it is essential in conserving our Earth’s resources. Recycling is essential so that our future generations will have enough of all that nature as to offer.

Recycle Day Schedules

Brandon Jackson
Director of Recycling
(859) 625-0202