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The Richmond Teen Center is a community-based nonprofit organization in Richmond, Kentucky. We work to provide quality after-school programming options to Madison County’s Middle & High School students.

Our Mission is to provide a safe, secure, and quality after-school program to the youth in Richmond, Kentucky. The Richmond Teen Center targets youth ages 11-18 with the goals of reducing delinquent activity and providing opportunities for students to learn and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Location:  Betty Miller Park Building, 325 N Estill Ave; Richmond, KY
Applications can be obtained at Madison County Schools, Richmond Parks & Recreation or CLICK HERE. Completed applications can be dropped off/mailed to 345 Lancaster Ave, emailed to parksandrec@richmond.ky.us or faxed to (859) 624-0376.
Public Transit:  During the school year, Madison County Public Schools provides transportation to the Richmond Teen Center from Caudill, Madison and Clark-Moores Middle Schools. Parents are required to pick up their children no later than 6:30 PM.
For More Information:  Please contact the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department at (859) 623-8753.

The Richmond Teen Center is now providing a mentoring program for Middle & High School students in Madison County starting Tuesday, September 28th, 2021. This service will be provided by Reggie Hanson of Hanson Coaching  and David Townsend of The Home of Opportunities & Dreams.

Reggie Hanson will be providing interactive workshops to cover the following topics:
Personal accountability, leadership, decision making & problem-solving, workplace etiquette, mental health awareness, design your life purpose, 8-step goal setting plan, financial accountability, conflict resolution and diversity & inclusion.

Click HERE to register. Click HERE for the Teen Center Application.

Questions? Please call (859) 623-8753 or email parksandrec@richmond.ky.us



The Home of Opportunities and Dreams: The HOOD’s  goals are focused on programs and ​services that will empower and educate the youth and families being served.  The purpose of education and empowerment is to help at-risk youth and vulnerable young adults build a positive self-esteem, improve their self-image, and enhance their self-worth; while increasing personal responsibility for actions and behaviors.

Programs & Services include: Volunteerism, Mentoring, Advocacy, Assessments, Partnering, Family Services, Case Management, Transitional Services, and Group Psycho-Social Education.

For more information, email David Townsend at David.Townsend@thehoodinc.org or visit http://thehoodinc.org/about/

Out of the 425 students we found that 231 of them listed that they typically need extra school supplies. After seeing those numbers, we really felt it was important to make sure to keep meeting those needs. We have decided to host a “Second Semester Refresher” at the Teen Center in January for middle and high school students.
Many middle & high school students switch classes for the Spring semester, and we know that school supplies can be costly, especially for households with multiple children and want to help alleviate that stress as much as possible. We will not be giving out backpacks, but will give out supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, notecards, hi-lighters, loose leaf paper, hygiene products, etc.). We know that typically school supplies will go on clearance in the next few weeks and would happily take donations now for the Second Semester Refresher.
We also wanted to mention that we asked about other products that students may need and found that laundry detergent, first aid items, household cleaning products, shampoo, body wash, feminine hygiene products, and toothbrushes/toothpaste were also common needs. These are items that we would love to be able to give out in January and help assist those in our community.
If you have any of these items, and would like to donate them to us for the Second Semester Refresher, feel free to reach out to our department and we’d be happy to help with pick up or drop off.
Questions? Call (859) 623-8753 or email parksandrec@richmond.ky.us
Mailing/Drop off location:
Richmond Parks & Recreation
345 Lancaster Ave
Richmond, KY 40475

The Richmond Teen Center is always looking for community volunteers or students looking for internships. Check out the list below of opportunities!

  • Tutor
  • Recreation Activities Coordinator
  • Mentor
  • Volunteer

Interested in helping out? Call (859) 623-8753. or email parksandrec@richmond.ky.us

The Richmond Teen Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is overseen by the Richmond Teen Center board. Board members include parks and recreation staff, Madison County 4-H, EKU and Madison County Schools employees.

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